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Director Procurement

Meet Mr BC, our director procurement, Kaduna State University. 🎓🔬 #Procurement#Structure#Leadership


Mr. BC holds the esteemed position of Director of Procurement at Kaduna State University, overseeing the institution’s procurement processes and strategic sourcing initiatives. With a background in supply chain management and extensive experience in procurement, Mr. BC plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods and services to support the university’s operations.

In his capacity as Director of Procurement, Mr. BC is responsible for developing and implementing procurement policies and procedures that adhere to regulatory standards and promote transparency and fairness. He leads a team of procurement professionals in managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and optimizing procurement practices to achieve cost savings and value for the university.

Mr. BC’s leadership is characterized by integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence in procurement management. He strives to uphold the highest ethical standards while facilitating the acquisition of quality goods and services to meet the diverse needs of Kaduna State University. Through his diligent efforts, Mr. BC contributes to the efficient functioning and success of the institution.



  • Ph.D., Accounting & Finance, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
  • M.S.F., Finance, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2006
  • M.B.A., Taxation, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA, 1983

Administrative Responsibilities

As the Director of Procurement at Kaduna State University, Mr. BC bears a range of critical administrative responsibilities essential for the institution’s procurement operations. His duties include developing and implementing procurement policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory standards. Mr. BC oversees the procurement process from sourcing suppliers to contract negotiation and supplier performance evaluation. He manages vendor relationships, conducts market research, and ensures timely and cost-effective acquisition of goods and services. Additionally, Mr. BC collaborates with internal stakeholders to assess procurement needs and optimize procurement strategies to support the university’s mission and objectives.


Leadership Philosophy

Mr. BC’s leadership philosophy is rooted in integrity, transparency, and accountability. He believes in leading by example, demonstrating unwavering ethical standards and professionalism in all procurement activities. Mr. BC fosters a culture of collaboration, encouraging open communication and teamwork among his team and stakeholders. He emphasizes the importance of transparency in procurement processes, ensuring fairness and equity in vendor selection and contract negotiation. Mr. BC is committed to accountability, holding himself and his team responsible for upholding regulatory compliance and achieving value for money in procurement decisions. Through his visionary leadership, he aims to optimize procurement practices and contribute to the overall success of Kaduna State University.

Award and Achievements

  1. Excellence in Procurement Leadership Award
  2. Outstanding Contribution to Cost Savings and Efficiency
  3. Recognition for Promoting Transparency in Procurement Processes
  4. Commendation for Vendor Relationship Management
  5. Meritorious Service Award for Dedication to Ethical Procurement Practices
  6. Innovation in Procurement Strategy Recognition