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Director Physical Planning

Meet Mr AB, our director academic planning, Kaduna State University. 🎓🔬 #Planning#Structure#Leadership


Mr. CD holds the esteemed position of Director of Physical Planning at Kaduna State University, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the institution’s physical infrastructure and development projects. With a background in architecture or civil engineering and extensive experience in urban planning, Mr. CD brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

As Director of Physical Planning, Mr. CD is responsible for coordinating the design, construction, and maintenance of university buildings, facilities, and landscapes. He collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that construction projects meet quality standards, budgetary constraints, and regulatory requirements.

Mr. CD’s leadership is characterized by a commitment to sustainable development, accessibility, and safety. He strives to create an environment that fosters teaching, learning, and research excellence while also enhancing the campus aesthetic and functionality. Through his strategic planning and meticulous oversight, Mr. CD contributes to the continued growth and success of Kaduna State University’s physical infrastructure.



  • Ph.D., Accounting & Finance, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
  • M.S.F., Finance, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2006
  • M.B.A., Taxation, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA, 1983

Administrative Responsibilities

As the Director of Physical Planning at Kaduna State University, Mr. CD bears a range of crucial administrative responsibilities essential for the institution’s physical development. His duties include overseeing the planning and implementation of construction projects, renovation initiatives, and infrastructure maintenance. Mr. CD collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure projects align with university goals, budget constraints, and regulatory standards. He also manages space allocation, campus zoning, and environmental sustainability efforts. Additionally, Mr. CD coordinates with university departments to address facility needs and optimize the use of physical resources to support the institution’s mission.

Leadership Philosophy

Mr. CD’s leadership philosophy is grounded in vision, collaboration, and sustainability. He believes in envisioning a future where the physical environment of Kaduna State University supports its academic and research goals. Mr. CD fosters collaboration by involving stakeholders in the decision-making process, ensuring that diverse perspectives contribute to the university’s development. Sustainability is central to his approach, as he strives to create environmentally responsible infrastructure that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive. Through his leadership, Mr. CD aims to create a campus environment that inspires innovation, fosters community, and enhances the overall student experience.


Award and Achievements

  1. Excellence in Physical Planning Leadership Award
  2. Outstanding Contribution to Campus Development
  3. Recognition for Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives
  4. Commendation for Effective Project Management
  5. Meritorious Service Award for Dedication to Enhancing University Facilities
  6. Innovation in Campus Design Recognition