Professor Yusha’u Ibrahim Ango Ph.D

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics
+234 803 311 1933
VIce Chancellors Complex, KASU
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DVC Academics

“Championing academic excellence and integrity, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics at Kaduna State University ensures the highest standards in teaching, learning, and research. Through strategic leadership and innovative approaches, this office supports faculty and students in their academic pursuits, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and scholarly achievement.”

Annual Theme: KASU Matching to Excellence: Digitization and Autonomy

Roles and Responsibilities

The administrative responsibilities for a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) typically include:

Academic Leadership:

    1.  Providing strategic leadership to ensure academic excellence and innovation.
    2. Overseeing the development and implementation of academic policies, programs, and curricula.

Supporting the Vice-Chancellor:

    1. Assisting the Vice-Chancellor in managing the university’s affairs, finances, and resources.
    2. Acting on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor when necessary.
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Leadership Philosophy

This encompasses several key principles and traits that are essential for effective leadership in higher education. These include:

1. Passionate Curiosity:

    1. Embracing a culture of passionate curiosity to drive innovation and improvement in academic programs and research.
    2. Encouraging continuous learning and professional development among staff and students.

2. Strategic Vision:

    1. Developing and articulating a clear vision for academic excellence and innovation
    2. Ensuring that the vision is shared and inclusive, reflecting the values of all stakeholders. 
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