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Dr. Abbas Usman

Training and Development - Head of Unit
+234 803 606 1670 / 0802 691 7883
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Welcome note

Dear University Community,

On behalf of the Procurement Unit, I extend a warm welcome to all members of our esteemed university family. As the Director of Procurement, I am honored to lead a team dedicated to ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods and services vital to our institution’s mission. We are committed to transparency, integrity, and excellence in all our procurement endeavors. Your support and collaboration are invaluable as we strive for the continuous improvement of our processes.


Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

The procurement department serves as a linchpin in a university’s operations, ensuring the seamless acquisition of goods and services essential for its functioning. With a myriad of responsibilities, it navigates the complex landscape of sourcing, negotiation, and compliance to meet the institution’s needs effectively. Central to its duties is sourcing and supplier management, where it meticulously assesses potential vendors, negotiates contracts, and maintains fruitful relationships to uphold quality and fiscal prudence. Concurrently, the department processes purchase requisitions from diverse university departments, aligning procurement methods with policies and needs. Through collaborative procurement planning, it forecasts demands, devises strategies, and orchestrates timelines for procurement endeavors. Diligent budget management ensures fiscal prudence, with meticulous tracking of expenditures and adherence to approved budgets. The procurement team adeptly handles tendering and bidding processes, from document preparation to supplier selection, safeguarding the institution’s interests. Moreover, it oversees contract management, inventory control, compliance, and regulatory adherence, reinforcing ethical standards and legal requirements. Through robust training, support, and a commitment to continuous improvement, the procurement department enhances operational efficiency, driving the university’s success in its mission.

Department Overview

The procurement department plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth acquisition of goods and services necessary for a university’s operations. It manages various tasks such as sourcing, supplier management, purchase requisition processing, procurement planning, budget management, tendering and bidding processes, contract management, inventory control, and compliance oversight. Through meticulous attention to detail, collaboration, and continuous improvement efforts, the procurement department enhances operational efficiency and supports the university in achieving its mission.


About Us

The Directorate of Procurement of the University was established in 2017 as a unit in order to fulfil the requirements of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 and Kaduna State Public Procurement Law, 2016. It was later transformed to a full pledged Directorate with a Director of Procurement in 2018. The Directorate has the responsibility of ensuring due process is followed in the procurement of Goods, Works, and Services funded by Kaduna State Government, Federal Government of Nigeria, and Donors.

The Directorate currently has three units which comprise of Planning and Tender Unit, Price Intelligence and Costing Unit, and Filling and Records Unit. It has nine staff members from different academic disciplines well trained in procurement.

The Directorate has the following functions among others:

  • Advertise and solicit for bids in compliance with guidelines issued by the Bureau from time to time.
  • Receive and maintain appropriate documentation for bids received, examine bids received, obtain a “Certificate of ‘No Objection’ to Contract Award” from the relevant authority, and make submissions to the entity’s Tenders’ Committee.
  • Debrief the bid losers on request.
  • Resolve complaints and disputes, if any.
  • Obtain and confirm the validity of any performance guarantee.
  • Announce and publicize Contract Awards.
  • Execute all Contract Agreements.


To procure Goods, Works, and Services of high standard for the University with focus on Value-For-Money.


To become a global leading procurement Directorate with excellence in due process for sustainable development.

Core Values

  • Timeliness
  • Transparency
  • Value-for-money
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Teamwork
  • Compliance with highest standard


  • Planning and Tender Unit
  • Price Intelligence and Costing Unit
  • Filling and Records Unit

Principal Staff

Arc Samuel Ryah

Planning and Tender
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Safiya Ladan

Planning and Tender
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Maryam Sulaiman

Price Intelligence and Costing
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Rabi Idris Isah

Price Intelligence and Costing
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Tache Aba Jerry

Registry - Admin Officer
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We are opn on Monday – Friday at 08am and 5pm, except on holidays.

Department of Procurement and Supply Chain Management,

Faculty of Management Sciences, Kaduna State University,

P. M. B 2339 Tafawa Balewa Way, Kaduna-North, Kaduna State

Phone : +2348036061670 / 08026917883
Email :

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Directorate of Procurement at KASU?

Our role is to oversee the acquisition of goods and services required by the university while ensuring transparency, efficiency, and compliance with procurement regulations.

How can I submit a procurement request?

Procurement requests can be submitted through our online portal or by contacting our office directly for guidance on the process.

What are the procurement thresholds at KASU?

Thresholds vary depending on the nature of the procurement. For detailed information, please refer to our procurement policy or contact our office.

How are suppliers selected by the Directorate of Procurement?

Suppliers are selected through a competitive process based on criteria such as quality, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

What measures are in place to ensure transparency and fairness in the procurement process?

We adhere to strict procurement guidelines and regulations, including open bidding processes, vendor vetting procedures, and regular audits to maintain transparency and fairness.

How can I report concerns or issues related to procurement?

You can report any concerns or issues related to procurement to our office directly or through the university’s official channels for grievances and feedback.

Where can I find more information about procurement policies and procedures at KASU?

Detailed information about procurement policies and procedures can be found on our website or by contacting our office for assistance.