KASU Hosts Successful AI Training Initiative

Kaduna State University (KASU) marked a significant milestone in digital transformation with a successful step-down training initiative on Artificial Intelligence (AI), held on Monday, 1st July 2024, at its prestigious 1000-seater auditorium. Organised by the SA to the Vice-Chancellor on Digital Transformation and Disruptive Technology, Prof. Peter Ayuba, the event gathered Senate Committee Members (Lecturers and Researchers) eager to explore AI’s potential applications in Teaching, Research, and Community Service.

The training programme featured a comprehensive agenda of expert-led sessions, workshops, and interactive panels to equip participants with practical insights and skills in leveraging AI technologies. Discussions focused on enhancing teaching methodologies, advancing research capabilities, and strengthening community engagement through innovative AI-driven solutions.

Distinguished facilitators included prominent figures such as the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdullahi Ibrahim Musa, who spoke on AI for Teaching and Learning, highlighting strategies for integrating AI into pedagogical practices. He underlined the transformative impact of AI in these areas. Prof. Helen A. Andow and Prof. Yusha’u I. Ango, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Strategy, Innovation and Service Delivery and Academic Affairs respectively, delved into AI’s role in research, covering topics from foundational principles to advanced methodologies.
Barr. Ibrahim Sule, A Legal Practitioner & Fellow of the International Bar Association, CEO-LawGPT Africa & Law AI Lecturer, at Nigerian Law School also discussed AI’s implications for groundbreaking research initiatives.

Further sessions included insights from Prof. Muhammad Bashir Ali, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration, on AI for Curriculum Development, and Barr. Samira Balarabe, the University Registrar, on AI’s application in administrative duties. Hajiya Hauwau Muhammad Dalhat, Bursar, shared perspectives on AI’s role in budgeting, while Dr. Babangida Umar Dangani, University Librarian, who was represented by Dr. Esther Gani, explored AI’s integration into library services.

Prof. Peter Ayuba also addressed the use of AI for community service, underscoring KASU’s commitment to leveraging technology for broader societal impact.

The event concluded with a commitment to ongoing innovation and collaboration in harnessing AI’s potential across academic and community spheres.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo
Public Relations Officer,
Kaduna State University.

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