KASU – College of Medicine, MBBS Program, Commences 3rd Professional Examination in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Pediatrics

The College of Medicine is pleased to announce that 500-level students in the MBBS program have initiated the 3rd Professional Examination, focusing on Obstetrics and Gynaecology alongside Pediatrics. This rigorous examination, spanning two weeks, encompasses theory assessments, picture tests, and clinical evaluations.

Dr Stephen Bature, the Deputy Provost of the College of Medicine, emphasized the significance of this milestone in the student’s academic journey, stating, “The 3rd Professional Examination represents a critical juncture in our students’ training, allowing them to showcase their knowledge and skills in two vital fields of medicine.”

Throughout the examination period, students will demonstrate their proficiency in both theoretical knowledge and practical application, underscoring their readiness to embark on clinical practice.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo
Public Relations Officer,
Kaduna State University.

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