KASU – Commencement of 4th Professional MBBS (Exit) Examination

Today, 19th June 2024 marks the beginning of a significant milestone for the 600 level MBBS students as they embark on the 4th Professional MBBS (Exit) Examination. This crucial examination, designed to assess their comprehensive medical knowledge and practical skills, will span over the course of two weeks.

The examination is a culmination of years of rigorous academic training and practical experience, preparing these future healthcare professionals to meet the challenges of their careers with competence and dedication.

Throughout the examination period, students will be tested on a wide range of subjects encompassing various aspects of medical science, including clinical skills, theoretical knowledge, and ethical considerations in healthcare.

“We are proud of our students’ hard work and dedication leading up to this moment, this examination not only evaluates their academic prowess but also their readiness to enter the medical profession and make meaningful contributions to society.”

The University Community extend their best wishes to all students participating in the examination and encourage them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge with confidence and integrity.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo
Public Relations Officer,
Kaduna State University.

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