The Student Representative Council, Kaduna State University (SRC-KASU) hosted a lively fun fair at the main campus on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024. Anas Saleh, the president of SRC-KASU, highlighted that the purpose of the event was to showcase the entrepreneurial talents of KASU students and encourage them to explore business opportunities within and outside the university community.

The fun fair aimed to expose students to potential business ventures that could be pursued even after graduation, considering the limited job prospects in the current labour market. The fun fair featured over 20 stores run by KASU students, offering a diverse range of products including small chops, candies, clothes, handmade shoes, wigs, and many more, providing a platform for showcasing creativity and innovation.

In addition to shopping opportunities, the fun fair also featured engaging games like table tennis and snooker, along with lively music from DJs, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The event drew a large crowd, with participants actively supporting their peers, capturing moments through photographs, and enjoying themselves.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo
Public Relations Officer,
Kaduna State University.

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