Kaduna State University welcomed a delegation of the KASU Alumni Association, led by its President Abdullahi Abdulhadi, to meet with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Administration, Prof. Muhammad Bashir Ali.

Their purpose was to award scholarships to deserving students, selecting approximately 10 recipients based on criteria including financial need, talent, and academic merit. The Alumni President encouraged the scholarship recipients to advocate for alumni interests and manage their funds responsibly.

Mal. Usman Ibrahim Tabari, Acting Director of University Advancement expressed appreciation for the alumni’s generosity, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the university.

Prof. Bashir Ali, the DVC, acknowledged the significance of the alumni’s contribution, considering it a vital function. He conveyed gratitude to the alumni and advised the scholarship recipients to view the award as a challenge to also contribute to the alumni community upon graduation. He urged them to support others and foster academic excellence, cautioning against misusing the funds and reminding them of the university’s values of integrity and learning.


Adamu Nuhu Bargo

Public Relations Officer,

Kaduna State University.

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